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Day 222 | Girl Loves Me

Although Bowie died on a Sunday, I didn’t learn about it until Monday morning. I had already been listening to Blackstar repeatedly for the past week or so simply because it was new. As with almost any album, I need to listen to it a few times to determine if I really like it. I was already there with this album and this particular song. So the line, “where the fuck did Monday go,” seemed almost supernaturally prescient. Many of the other lines in the song are a bit tougher to understand because they are in the language used in the book, A Clockwork Orange. Bowie used music from the soundtrack of the movie version at the end of his concert during his Ziggy period…is there a link here? I don’t think so except possible another obscure association, like the chalk-striped suit he wears in the Lazarus video and the back cover of the Station to Station album. Sadly, it looks like Bowie did not make an official video for this song, but this unofficial video is helpful in its positing of the hard-to-understand lyrics. Album: Blackstar.

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