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Day 162 | Move On

Lodger is not typically thought of as a concept album, but there is certainly a travel theme. This song encapsulates that theme and in the meantime serves as another good demonstration of Bowie’s vocal range. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of him singing it, so here’s a good cover from a band I had never heard of, followed by an audio clip of Bowie’s original. Album: Lodger

Note from 2018: Over the course of the 2016 tribute, I would become familiar with the aforementioned band— Stillwater— for its complete recording of the Lodger album. Videos of the band performing the album’s songs are on YouTube, but the album itself is not for sale. I attempted to purchase a digital version of it from the Band’s website…and in fact did pay…but I’ve never been able to download it. Too bad because it sounds good. If I ever am able to get the complete album, it will get a post on this web site. So Stillwater, if you guys are somehow reading this…

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