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Day 136 | “My Way”

Below is what I originally wrote for Day 136, what I believed to be Bowie’s cover of “My Way.” I now think that the attached audio file is counterfeit. This song is not part of my regular listening; I included it because I thought it was funny that Bowie recorded this song, more usually associated with Frank Sinatra. Bowie did actually record a different song, “Even a Fool Learns to Love,” to the same music. He wrote the lyrics for that to go along with the music that first appeared for a French song. Bowie recorded his song before Paul Anka wrote the lyrics for “My Way,” and before Sinatra recorded what would become his signature hit. According to Bowie chronicler Nicholas Pegg, Bowie used the same chord progression for “Life on Mars.” As for this version of, “My Way” … it might be Bowie, but I can’t find a reliable reference to Bowie having recorded it. Anyway, what I originally wrote:

My Way? I had read that Bowie wrote lyrics to the original music that the song was based on, and that Life on Mars was somehow influenced by the song, but I had never heard this apparently straight-up rendition of the song Frank Sinatra made famous until I came across an article with the attached audio link. I had also read that Bowie wanted to portray Sinatra, but that Sinatra stopped that effort before it got off the ground. Bowie supposedly admired Sinatra, along with John Lennon and Elvis Presley as the holy trinity of pop singers. In listening to this I also think of Sid Vicious’ version – which is more subversive—Sid’s punk rendition or this one, so earnest that it must be satire?

Note: I changed the date on this post because it is out of order. I’ll correct the date when I get up to Day 136.

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