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Day 131 | That’s Motivation

I began this tribute back in January with “Absolute Beginners,” which I think is better known today as a song on its own than for the movie with which it shares a name. Bowie played a small role in the movie and has a dance number in which he sings a second song, “That’s Motivation.” Unlike the title track, this one pretty much only works in the movie or as a video—in any case with the visual component of a good looking Bowie signing and dancing around pretty impressive sets. The song remind me oif the kind of Broadway musical song that doesn’t gain a life outside the play. That said, it is also a reminder that Bowie was not simply a musical artist. This is a small example of his integrated talents. If you listen to this song, you are likely to shrug your shoulders and not remember it the next day, but watching it will leave an impression. Album: Absolute Beginners Soundtrack.

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