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David Bowie Paraphernalia

I came across a photo of what might be the strangest piece of promotional material I’ve seen that was actually (apparently) associated with a Bowie album— a Station to Station ashtray. That got me to Googling what else has been illustrated with Bowie’s image, and the short answer is… everything. These are pictures of some of the odder items, but if you want to see more, there’s virtually an endless supply of images. Pictured here, in addition to the ashtray is a pot for plants, a Monopoly game (currently available on the web site), one of many Bowie-themed shoes, a death mask (which I think is fake…I hope…) and a quilt featuring his album covers…. Unlike the ashtray, I don’t think any of these other items were used to actually promote a Bowie album. Many, I think for example the pot and plant, are crafts rather than mass-produced products. Anyway, I thought these were interesting and amusing (and hey, Christmas and my birthday are coming …)

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