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David Bowie Cover of the Week: Orange Trio Music performs “Space Oddity”

OK— here’s my dilemma: “Space Oddity,” along with “‘Heroes’” are the two Bowie songs that turn up most frequently when I review covers posted over the previous week. I just posted a “Space Oddity” cover yesterday. You’d think the last thing we’d need is another one. Plus, this week there were some other excellent, excellent covers. So what’s the dilemma? Orange Trio Music’s “Space Oddity” video is just too good. I can’t deny it “Cover of the Week.”

Orange Trio Music is a French cover band that performs for weddings, receptions and parties. For more about the band, click HERE for their website (for the Enligh version click HERE).

The performance here is top-rate. If I was in France and looking for a band to play my event, this alone would seal the deal for me! What set this video apart are the visual elements— it’s a well crafted video worth watching, not just hearing, that makes good use of light and is more than just a fixed camera shot.

Well, I guess, one would never say, “Oh, not Beethoven’s 9th Symphony again,” so I’m not going to say the same about “Space Oddity.” Especially not this one. Good job!
As I mentioned, there were other excellent covers this week, though the following are strong for the way they sound more than as videos per se. Click on the bolded titles to link to the corresponding videos:

A few videos popped up via an organization called BANDS, which is a rock band service for hobby musicians in which the hobbyists are matched with other musicians at their level, set up to rehearse in a a studio and given professional guidance. At least two of the bands that emerged from this service apparently covered Bowie, and their videos posted over the past week. These include “Starman” by Try Hearts; and “Rebel” (an adaption of “Rebel Rebel”) by Bad Guys from TMNT.

I also really liked Auckland String Group’s rendition of “Absolute Beginners.” This is a two-piece band featuring a guitarist and violinist. Really well done.

And of course there were several “‘Heroes’” covers. The two best were by a band called SDA (Senal de Ajuste) and an acoustic version by Song Cover Man. These were not the only two “‘Heroes’” covers and not even the only two good ones, but I liked these two the best.

Finally, Ivan Holden did an excellent guy-in-his-basement-with-a-guitar cover of “Ziggy Stardust.” I have noted before that videos of this type can be good— and this is an example proving the point.

As always, there were many more Bowie covers that posted over the past week, demonstrating once again that the music lives on!

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