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David Bowie Cover of the Week: DiMusiCover performs “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide” is one of the favorite and most meaningful songs for many Bowie fans. The culminating message of the song, and to many, the entire Ziggy Stardust album is, “you’re not alone.” Seldom is it mentioned that Bowie never a again (or before) delivered that message, and considering many of his songs are about isolation and are condemnatory of groups and crowds, this one holds a special and unique place within Bowie’s catalogue.

Considering its particular stature, I’m somewhat surprised that I don’t encounter more covers of “Rock ‘N’ Roll Suicide”. In part for that reason, and in greater part because of how good his cover is, I selected DiMusiCover’s video for “Cover of the Week.” DiMusiCover, whose real name might be Dimitri Prevot, is a French singer and guitar player who specializes in covers. This video is crafted both as a performance and also a tutorial for guitar, but it’s the performances that wins me over here. Though rudimentary, DiMusiCover also works in some nice visual elements giving the video more of professional feel than just someone setting up an iPhone to record a guy and a guitar (though I’ve seen plenty of quality covers captured that way).

I like how he’s really performing the song, too. DiMusiCover uses facial expression, body language and the guitar as a tool to make the most of a fixed camera and basic frame to sell the song. Good job!

As is usually the case, this was not the only good cover of the week. I’ll mention some of the other ones I liked below. You can link to those videos by clicking on the bolded names:

Ian Leith covers “Love You ‘Til Tuesday.” Leith makes the most of this lesser-known (and, in my opinion, just plain lesser) Bowie song from the late 60s. The performance is solid. My one criticism is that the lighting in the video is distractingly bad, but Leith manages to breath some life into this artifact of a song.

Retrobite covers “All the Madmen.” This one has many of the elements that I look for in a cover— it’s a rarely covered good song, performed well. The video is pretty basic, just a cascade of Bowie-related images, but it’s a quality performance; good to hear.

Set List performs “Modern Love.” This two-person band is putting together a nice collection of covers on their YouTube page. They posted “Modern Love” this week, which fits in nicely with their assemblage of class rock songs.

Deafboyone covers “The Prettiest Star.” Maybe the most musicality innovative song on this list, Deafboyone performs the song as hard rock. Nice!

RollinUke covers “Heroes.” Another week, another good “Heroes” cover! This one comes with lyrics.

Mario DeSa performs “Space Oddity.” Another week, another good “Space Oddity” cover! Good visual elements here.

I’ve also been seeing a few videos of the well-known band Incubus performing “Let’s Dance” at various venues, I’m guessing on their current tour. The band performs the song well, but the videos I’ve seen haven’t done a great job of capturing their performance. Perhaps Incubus will record a cover in the studio and released their own video?

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