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“Cool Cat” Demo (1982)

This is the other song Bowie did with Queen. Close readers of this blog will recall I’ve posted a version much earlier— I went back and checked, and Bowie is barely discernible on the version I posted back then. Not so with the version I’m posting today.

Bowie’s voice is unmistakable on this version, which purports to be a demo. I’m assuming it is what it claims to be, however I’m a little suspicious that a version like this with Bowie so prominent is not a bigger deal among fans of both Bowie and Queen. Could Bowie’s original backing vocals been superimposed after the fact on Queen’s final, album version of the song, that otherwise didn’t feature Bowie? Could the vocalist be a Bowie imposter? I’m going to just assume that this is genuine.

Bowie apparently didn’t like his contribution and asked that his vocals be removed. Queen didn’t seem to put up too much of a fight. Instead of “Cool Cat,” they decided to go forth with their better known and much beloved collaboration, “Under Pressure.”

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