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Coming tomorrow: Exclusive Video Interview with Simon Critchley, author of “Bowie”

Come back to this blog tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Simon Critchley, author of Bowie.

Dedicated followers of this blog may recall my previous mentions of Simon’s discussions on Bowie and artifice. Simon, beyond his Bowie-related insights, is a philosopher and professor at the New School for Social Research. He’s known for moderating “The Stone,” a philosophy series by The New York Times, and has authored or edited numerous books covering various topics, from philosophy to Shakespeare, Greek tragedy, and soccer (or as he’d call it, “football”). Simon is a frequent guest on podcasts and other media platforms, and once you hear his voice, you’ll likely recognize it.

Tomorrow’s post will feature a YouTube interview, the first specifically created for this blog, that will run more than an hour in length. The good thing about YouTube is it will remember where you left off if you can’t devote a full hour to the interview — but you’ll want to watch (or at least listen) to the whole thing. I will subsequently post transcribed excerpts of the interview as stand-alone future posts.

This is a special and momentous milestone for this blog. Be sure not to miss it!

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