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Coming tomorrow: Exclusive interview with Sébastien Bédé!

Exclusive Interview Alert! Come back tomorrow for an exclusive interview with musician Sébastien Bédé. Bédé performs, however I became aware of him through his Bowie reinterpretations, which sound like new songs. As a songwriter, performer, and sound engineer in France, he delves into ambient music and sound experimentation, channeling influences from Bowie, amongst others. Bédé’s journey unfolds through his passion for keyboards and his meticulous approach to crafting atmospheric textures. Join us as we explore his unique blend of creativity and sonic craftsmanship, exclusively on our blog tomorrow.

Although, again, tomorrow’s interview will focus on his reinterpretations, this video is of Bédé covering “‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore,” from Blackstar, one of Bowie’s less-frequently covered songs.

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