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Coming tomorrow: Exclusive Interview with Leah Kardos!

Dr. Leah Kardos’s 2022 book, Blackstar Theory stands as one of the most insightful and thought-provoking analyses not only of David Bowie’s work but of art in general that I have ever read. Dr. Kardos’s analytical style, woven with intricate threads of music theory and cultural exploration, is something I aspire to but will never achieve (in part because of her advanced knowledge of music, which I totally lack). In tomorrow’s exclusive interview, I feel incredibly fortunate that Dr. Kardos generously shares additional thoughts on Bowie, making each response to my questions feel like a personal addendum to her book. It’s a rare opportunity to explore the cosmic dimensions of art and mortality with such a visionary in the field.

Dr. Kardos is an Australian musician, writer, and academic based in London. Blackstar Theory is a critical exploration of David Bowie’s final works, including The Next Day, Lazarus, and the Blackstar. Unraveling the intricate threads of identity, creativity, chaos, transience, and immortality, the book delves into the profound themes embedded in Bowie’s late stage. From her writing to her own music to her role as Director of the Visconti Studio at Kingston University, Kardos brings a unique perspective to her analysis. Don’t miss this captivating glimpse into the mind of a visionary musician and academic whose work illuminates the immortal potential of the universe.

Dr. Kardos made a series of YouTube videos based on the chapters of her book, which I have posted on this blog. If you’re interested in ordering Blackstar Theory, click here.

Kardos is also the originator of the Kingston University Stylophone Orchestra, the only ensemble of its kind in the world. The accompanying video is their cover of “Space Oddity.”

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