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Coming this Saturday: Exclusive Interview with Simon Critchley

Coming Saturday will be this blog’s first-ever video interview, featuring Simon Crithcley! Simon is author of the book, Bowie, and a member of the band Critchley & Simmons. This is one of their recordings, which is an adaptation of “Sweet Thing/Candidate/Sweet Thing (Reprise)” from Diamond Dogs.

Close readers of this blog will recall that I’ve referenced Simon’s writings about Bowie and artifice. You might be familiar with Simon’s work outside the context of Bowie– he’s a philosopher and professor of philosophy at the New School for Social Research. He moderated a New York Times series on philosophy called, “The Stone” and has authorized or edited several books, mostly about philosophy but also on Shakespeare, Greek tragedy and soccer (he’d say “football”). Simon also frequently appears on podcasts and other media– and if you still don’t recognize the name, you will recognize his voice once you hear it. Anyway, this is the most in-depth conversation I’ve had yet about Bowie and Simon was gracious enough to give me a substantial block of time.

My plan is to post the video interview on Saturday then serialize an edited transcript of it after that. Very exciting stuff. Meanwhile, enjoy the video of “If You want it Boys (Candidate)” by Critchley & Simmons.

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