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Coming Soon: Exclusive Interview with Sébastien Bédé

Sébastien Bédé is a French musician who has created several Bowie reinterpretation videos that sound so distinct that they are like new songs. Last year, I posted one of his videos, his version of “Heathen (the Rays)” (click to link). Here’s another from Heathen. Once again, Bédé captures Bowie’s original vocals but separates them out so you hear them in a totally new way. The music is still “Slip Away,” but this is not an extended cut — it sounds new. Bédé doesn’t just do adaptations from Heathen, but I particularly like his work from that album, which I’ve been listening to quite a bit recently.

So come back Saturday for an exclusive interview with Sébastien Bédé, which will be accompanied by yet another of his videos, which will be a real treat!

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