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Coming soon: Exclusive interview with Bowie scholar Leah Kardos!

Longtime readers of this blog will know that aside from Bowie himself, the person who I have mentioned most in my posts has probably been Dr. Leah Kardos. Among many, many other accomplishments, Dr. Kardos wrote the fascinating book, Blackstar Theory, which deeply analyzes Bowie’s later works, especially The Next Day, Blackstar and the play, Lazarus. Not only that, but Dr. Kardos made a series of videos based on the book, which I posted on this blog, sometimes with little commentary because there wasn’t much of value I could possibly add. On top of that, as she is a musician herself, she’s made at least two covers of Bowie songs, “Sunday,” which I’ve previously posted, and the obscure “Tired of My Life,” which I’m posting here for the first time. But that’s not the big news. the big news is that this blog will carry an exclusive interview with Leah Kardos next Saturday, March 9th! I suppose I’d be more excited if Bowie himself agreed to do an interview from beyond the grave, but short of that I couldn’t be happier! Leah Kardos’ level of analysis is what I aspire to but will never actually attain because I don’t have her knowledge of music.

I’ll save more about her biography for the interview itself, but if you want to see more about Leah Kardos for now, visit her website here.

A few words about “Tired of My Life”– Bowie never recorded it for release, but he adapted elements of the song for “It’s No Game,” which appeared on Scary Monsters in 1980. The only version I’ve heard of Bowie singing the song himself is a grainy demo that he recorded around 1970. I’ve read that he may have written it as early as 1963, though I don’t believe that. As it is, genius though he may have been, Bowie at age 23 should not have been thinking about how tired he was of his life. He managed to do much more and much better with “It’s No Game,” and — not blowing smoke– Leah Kardos does more with the original song than Bowie did on his old demo, so this is one of the few covers that I’m confident saying is better than the original.

I thought about reposting my previous Leah Kardos posts, or creating a master directory of links to all of them, but this site is easy enough to search and I don’t want to be too repetitive, but if you are at all interested in what shows up in this blog, trust me, you’ll want to read the interview on Saturday. Meanwhile, I’ll have a lot of great content leading up to that, so come back tomorrow!

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