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Cinema Cover Version covers “Heroes”

I mentioned yesterday that several particularly strong covers were posted over the previous week, and although I chose Matte Black’s version of “Within You” for the cover of the week, there are two others that I liked so much that I wanted to post them as well. Thus is the benefit of having an endless blog in need of daily content.

Anyway, I am somewhat reluctant to post covers of “Heroes” because there are so many of them. It appears to be Bowie’s most covered song. My very informal review of “top ten” lists had “Heroes” as the song that made it to the largest number of those lists. Fans feel emotionally invested in this song, and I strongly suspect that many assign their own meaning to the lyrics. I’ve noticed, in watching Bowie covers, that artists who cover the song seem to perform it with greater passion and intimacy than they do other covers. This version is no exception.

What is Cinema Cover Version? Is that even the name of the band? I’m not sure. I can find few clues on line. I thought the cityscape that appears in the beginning of the video was Toronto, but there’s a note about the studio in which this was recorded, and that’s located in Italy. So maybe the city is in Italy? Maybe the band is Italian?

Whatever the case may be, the band comes off as anything but amateurish. Care went in to both the recording of the song, but also the crafting of the video itself. I’m not sure that the visual images are married to any meaning within the song, but this is not just a clip of a band performing. There are worse things than listening to yet another cover of “Heroes,” especially if done well, and this is done well.

Tomorrow, I’ll (probably) post the third cover from last week that I thought was outstanding.

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