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Chris Young’s ”Young Love and Saturday Night”

I’ve been reading about this one for a while, but it just came out. Chris Young is apparently a big country music star— I’m not familiar with his music and don’t regularly listen to country music. This song is getting a lot of attention in part because Bowie is (posthumously) listed with a writing credit. And if you listen even to the opening chords, there’s no doubt why— the song borrows heavily from “Rebel Rebel.”

There are many, many news articles about this song and how the president of Warner Chappell Music, which now owns the rights to much of Bowie’s catalogue, asked one of the song’s other co-writers, Jesse Frasure to use some of Bowie’s music in a country song. This is the result.

On the one hand, it works perfectly. The unmistakable music sounds like it’s supposed to be part of this song. And Chris Young’s singing, as well as the music, very much sound like what I expect a country music song to sound like. So…who would have guessed, right?

There is another hand which is… well, there’s a reason I don’t often to country music. I can listen to “Rebel Rebel” a few times a day and my life would be the better for it, but eh… well, out of respect to the creative adaptation of Bowie’s music I’ll leave it at that.

But I will mark this down as a new and creative way that Bowie’s music remains fresh.

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