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Bowie baby names?

There’s a spate of articles that are rolling out about how Bowie-inspired baby names have increased in Britain since 2016, when the actual David Bowie died. From an NME article: “According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of…

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Bowie on German TV

This clip is of Bowie’s appearance in 1978 on the German television show, “Musikladen.” It amounts to a 45-minute concert, with an abbreviated but similar set to what he was performing on the Isolar II tour that year (performances from…

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The Bowie Barbie

The web site currently has a contest going on to win an official Bowie Barbie doll. The doll was released earlier this year and follows a 2019 doll inspired by Ziggy Stardust (see above). Together they are probably the…

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Midnight Special (1973)

I recently posted a link to eight hours of footage related to the 1980 Floor Show. This is a link to a much more condensed version, which is made so in part by simply featuring Bowie’s performances, as broadcast in…

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1980 Floor Show

The answer to the question of whether I have watched all eight hours of this video, including rehearsals and then ultimately the actual 1980 Floor show is no, I have not. An edited version of the show was broadcast on…

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Bowie the pitchman

A few days ago, I posted a contemporary ad featuring Bowie’s song, “Fame.” Since then I came across this collection of ads featuring Bowie himself, in life. A few things stand out— is that actually Bowie in the late 60s…

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