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Several days ago, when I was doing the top 10 Bowie songs of the year, in which I used Bowie songs to stand in for larger issues of the year, I associated “Space Oddity” with the pictures that came form…

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The Snowman (1982/1984)

In 1984 Bowie appeared in the introduction to this animated film (originally released without the Bowie intro in 1982) based on a children’s book. I never read the book, and to tell you the truth I have never watched the…

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I turned myself to face me…
Bowie as Swinton and vice versa
Fame ‘90
Bowie and friend projected on puppets
Ziggy clone from “Little Wonder” video
Bowie’s face on Bowie’s face
Lulu doing Bowie
One of many Bowie self portraits
Bowie as Bowie in Zoolander

Shadows and mirrors

My post from a few days ago, explaining why “It’s No Game” was my choice for the #1 Bowie song of the year, briefly discussed Bowie’s references to “shadows,” including in that song. I’ve been thinking about that observation over…

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My YouTube Year in Review

I thought this was somewhat funny and revenant to a Bowie blog— YouTube decided to send me the attached three graphics highlighting what music I was listening to (on YouTube) during 2022. Not surprisingly, Bowie came in first, a Bowie…

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Moonage Daydream movie review

I finally got to see the acclaimed Bowie biographical documentary, Moonage Daydream. I purchased a DVD and watched it at home, which almost certainly detracted from the experience. The movie was less a traditional documentary than an immersive experience of…

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Jimi played guitar, 1961
Paul and John playing together in 1957
MICKEY MOUSE CLUB, 1989-94, Britney Spears, 1993
Godzilla and friend on the set.
Marilyn Monroe visits a funhouse
Marilyn Monroe visits a funhouse

The Historical Bowie

The above is a picture you might have seen before. It’s a 16-year old Bowie, in 1963, fronting for a youthful band called the Kon-Rads. Though familiar to Bowie fans, the photo was included in an article titled, “Library Of…

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Bowie in the comics…

Several days ago I posted about a graphic novel adaptation of The Man Who Fell to Earth, featuring a cartoon version of Bowie. Many months earlier I mentioned that the image of Bowie was the inspiration for DC Comics version…

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