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Which will be the 100th album?

You might have noticed that, “The Best of Bowie” was the 98th Bowie related album to appear in this blog. Included in the 98 are studio albums, live albums, soundtracks and compilations by Bowie, as well as albums on which…

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Album 98 | Best of Bowie (2002)

I finally got around to listening to this greatest hits compilation, and…its a greatest hits compilation (with a somewhat interesting history). There’s much to like, but the reason I never purchased it or listened to the whole thing is that…

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Album 97 | The Gouster

A box set of Bowie’s mid-70s material called, “Who Can I Be Now,” was issued a few years ago and included what was billed as a previously unreleased album called, “The Gouster.”  “The Gouster” is basically a first draft of…

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The Iggy Popathon

So, with my wife out of town I finally had the opportunity to listen to all the music she doesn’t like.  First on the list:  Iggy Pop.  I busted out all the Iggy Pop albums I have, and then listened…

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