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Bowie’s version of “In the Heat of the Morning” (1967)

After posting the Last Shadow Puppets’ version of this song it occurred to me that I have never posted a stand alone version of Bowie singing it. I have never been drawn to this song so I haven’t devoted too much thought to it. It isn’t in contention for Bowie’s worst song— it is far from his worst from this early period, but I have never sought it out before writing the posts of the last few days. I especially think the organ sounds almost silly— like the kind of thing Austin Powers was making fun of about the 60s.

Lyrically, the song veers between sappy romantic images and nonsensical similes. For instance, what was Bowie thinking when he wrote, “I’m so much in love, like a ragged soldier catching butterflies.” This song came out before Bowie started using his famous “cut up” technique, so we can’t assume he just grafted some random words together. Perhaps it’s an obscure literary reference.

Anyway, the cover I posted yesterday gave me a little greater appreciation for this otherwise forgettable song. I still won’t say that I like it, but I can appreciate it a little more than I did up to now.

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