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Bowie performs “Fame” for Howard Stern’s birthday— or was it for mine???

Today is my 54th birthday. Sadly, Bowie never performed for me at a birthday party, but in 1998 he did for Howard Stern, so here he is doing his first #1 hit, “Fame.” After the song, he in fact does say “happy birthday,” and I’m going to say that was not meant for Howard Stern, but rather it was Bowie’s salutation to me, across time and space.

Coincidently, this performance, and Howard Stern’s birthday, took place pretty close to my own birthday— Stern was born on January 12th. Bowie himself (along with Elvis Presley) was born on January 8th. The stars just about aligned.

I’ll also note that this is a particularly good performance of “Fame,’ which I think Bowie struggled to really nail live. It sounds really good here, and Bowie also looks pretty cool for a guy in his 50s. And I should know!

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