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Bowie performs “The Jean Genie” and “Gloria” in Buffalo!

I’m posting this one for St. Patrick’s Day on the thin connection that “Gloria” was written and originally performed by Van Morrison, who is Irish. Actually, the connection is slightly less thin— a recording of the song appears earlier on the blog during which Bowie says that it was written by a great Irishman, and to help him sing it, he was calling out another great Irishman, at which point he was joined by Bono! It’s worth looking up and hearing.

I saw Bowie sing “Gloria” during the Sound and Vision tour in 1990, in Hartford. It was one of the highlights of the show, even though the concept of the tour was that it was featuring Bowie’s greatest hits, and “Gloria” wasn’t one of them. The version in this post was apparently recorded in Buffalo. I’m going to try to track down the album it seems to have come from.

Update from 4/18/23: This recording is not from Bowie in Buffalo, but of a performance broadcast on a Buffalo radio station. The 1990 broadcast was turned into a two-disc compilation called, By Popular Demand (see my April 14th, 2023 entry).

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