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See if you can spot Bowie in this one. Hint: he’s the colorful one…
With Geoff MacCormack
With Geoff MacCormack

Bowie in the USSR

This is another example of Bowie as cultural phenomenon: an exhibit of photographs depicting Bowie in the Soviet Union in 1973. The photos were taken, or arranged by Geoff MacCormack, better known at the time as Warren Peace. MacCormack collaborated with Bowie on some of the albums of the time and as a dancer and backup singer in concert. The exhibit is on display at the Wende Museum in Culver City, California (link to the museum’s website by clicking on its bolted name). Making the exhibit more interesting in a kind of meta way is that the museum is dedicated to artifacts of the Cold War. So on one level this is only tangentially about Bowie’s art but treats Bowie as art. We’ve seen that before. On another level it contextualizes Bowie in the geopolitics of 1973, which is a little more unusual. I’ve included some of the pictures — especially look at the picture of a crowded Moscow train station and play where’s Waldo to find Bowie. Too bad I don’t live closer to Culver City!

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