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Bowie cover of the week: Velvet Scaffoldings performs “Life on Mars”

Velvet Scaffoldings is a two-person French band that was originally formed in 2020 (what a year to for a band!) Based on their social media presence, it’s a “real” band, not just two people in their living room performing the song here. But they are also two people in their living room performing the song.

Although my understanding of music is limited, I have read and heard that “Life on Mars” is challenging to sing, though it is also one of Bowie’s most covered songs. There were a few “Life on Mars” covers posted this week, including an easy-listening instrumental version by Mr. Arranger and a very good live performance by David Gray. The former gets bonus points for being a little different, but sadly it seemed stripped of its subtly subversive melancholy. I liked the David Gray version very much (I don’t know him, but he sounds like Elton John), but the clip appeared to be a bootleg taken from a concert and would have benefitted from some editing. Velvet Scaffoldings made a genuine video here. While simple, it’s the total package. They don’t take too many liberties with the song, but the performance is solid.

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