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Bowie Cover of the Week: eNuminous & Archimedes Cover “Scream Like a Baby”

Artificial Intelligence is having a swift impact on music. I’m the wrong person to write about exactly how, however I have already posted AI generated videos that go along with Bowie songs, as well as one comical AI song that sounds like Bowie. I have since seen boatloads more of those, only more serious than the song I posted about going through a drive through window at a fast food restaurant. I expect, soon enough, we’ll have a service where we can order songs of our choice performed by whoever we would want. What would it would like if Frank Sinatra sang Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog?” I have a feeling we will all have the ability to find out pretty soon, and that the technology exists already.

I also think there’s a more serious place still for AI to be used in music as art. From what little I can tell about eNuminous & Archimedes, this cover of one of my dark-horse favorite Bowie songs might point in the direction as to how. The “band,” if I can call it that, has a website (link to it here), though there is little by way of explanation of what’s going on. From what I can gather, a guy named Matthew Chenoweth Wright uses AI to pump out music. Are there any humans singing or playing instruments here? I’m guessing not.

Be that as it may, human or AI or a combination of both created this cover which, aside from (partial) lyrics, is barely recognizable as “Scream Like a Baby.” Superimposed against obviously AI distorted images of politicians and quotes from Donald Trump, whatever generated this video correctly made the connection between what Bowie was warning about back in 1980 and the near-authoritarian country we’re potentially on the verge of becoming. Neat. Terrifying, but neat.

I have little doubt that were Bowie still alive, he’d be fiddling with AI, much as he did with synthesizers in the 70s and the internet in the 90s. If anyone could have figured out how to make music with something that has “artificial” its its name, Bowie could have done it. But he’s not alone. This cover is kinda cool an kinda scary.

So, speaking of AI, let’s see what Chat GBT thinks about what Bowie would have done with it? Here’s the answer I got to that question:

It’s intriguing to speculate how David Bowie, a true pioneer in the realm of music and technology, might have incorporated AI into his creative process if he were alive today. Considering his history of embracing innovation and pushing artistic boundaries, here are a few ways he might have engaged with AI:

1. **AI-Generated Music**: Bowie might have explored using AI to generate musical ideas and compositions. He could have fed his existing songs and musical styles into AI algorithms to create new, Bowie-inspired tracks. This could lead to fascinating blends of his classic sound with novel AI-generated elements.

2. **Collaborations with AI**: Bowie was known for his collaborations with other artists. He might have worked with AI as a creative partner, combining his lyrics and vocal stylings with AI-generated melodies or instrumentation. Such partnerships could result in entirely new sonic experiences.

3. **Interactive Music Experiences**: Bowie could have embraced AI to create interactive music experiences for his fans. He might have developed AI-powered apps or platforms that allow listeners to manipulate elements of his songs in real-time, creating unique variations and remixes.

4. **AI-Enhanced Visuals**: Bowie was also deeply interested in visual arts and theatrical performances. With AI, he could have crafted intricate visual effects and stage designs that respond in real-time to the music, creating immersive and dynamic live performances.

5. **Lyric Generation and Conceptualization**: Bowie’s lyrics were often poetic, introspective, and thought-provoking. He might have used AI to assist in generating lyrics, offering new insights and ideas based on his existing body of work and personal themes.

6. **Virtual Performances and Holograms**: Bowie could have explored the realm of virtual concerts and holographic performances, enabling new generations to experience his music live. These shows might combine AI-generated visuals and interactive elements, pushing the boundaries of the traditional concert experience.

7. **AI-Infused Storytelling**: Bowie’s fascination with storytelling might lead him to experiment with AI-generated narratives and multimedia experiences that intertwine music, visuals, and storytelling in innovative ways.

8. **Music Analysis and Insights**: Bowie was known for his interest in music theory and experimentation. He might have used AI to analyze musical patterns and trends, gaining insights that could influence his songwriting and production choices.

9. **AI-Powered Music Videos**: Bowie’s music videos were often visionary and artistic. He might have leveraged AI to create visually stunning and conceptually rich videos that complement his music in entirely new ways.

Of course, these ideas are speculative, as Bowie’s creative evolution would have been influenced by various factors. Nevertheless, given his history of embracing technology and his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries, it’s likely that he would have found innovative and captivating ways to incorporate AI into his musical journey.”

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