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Bowie cover of the Week: EgoB covers “Survive”

This was an unusually good week for Bowie covers— I found and watched several studio-recorded covers that were really well done. I could have easily chosen one of several, and I’m not sure I watched every potentially good newly posted cover video that was posted over the past week. I settled on EgoB’s cover of “Survive” in part because it is well done, in part because “Survive” is a less-frequently covered song, and in part because of the video elements— the other covers were either purely audio covers or had very rudimentary animations over static images. The video elements here are not especially compelling, but there’s at least something to watch.

EgoB, a Belgian composer, has his own website, which you can link to here. He describes himself as blending “elements of lo-fi and electronic genres.” “Survive” is a good choice to cover in that it hasn’t been interpreted as much as some of Bowie’s better-known songs. It’s one of the songs I like from, “hours…,” which is a flawed album. I think of it as Bowie’s first album that doesn’t even attempt to appeal to a younger audience but instead tackles issues of concern to middle-aged men. “Survive” is an example of this— it’s a song of regret and reflection. “You’re the great mistake I never made” is a great line, and will probably be subject of one of my future entires in the Lyrics series.

Some of the other very well done covers from this week included the following (click on the bolded song names to link to the videos):

Space Oddity” by Pasquil.

Look Back in Anger” by Dekt.

Modern Love” by Sunshiners (or is it, DJ Seu Muniz?)

Suffragette City” by the Mel Previte and Oscar Abeli Quartet. This one was interesting— it is such a variation that it doesn’t sound much like “Suffragette City” at all. It apparently comes from a glam tribute album called, Well, I’m Just a Modern Guy” (name taken from “Lust for Life”). I’m going to try to track it down and might discuss it in a future post.

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