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Bowie cover of the Week: Dennis Graumann covers— sigh— “Heroes”

This is the third video from Dennis Graumann to win “cover of the week.” The previous two were of the less-frequently covered “Hallo Spaceboy” and “I’m Afraid of Americans,” but this one is of the song that most frequently appears during my weekly search for new Bowie covers, “‘Heroes.’” As great as the song is, it is so frequently covered that I really look for something else, but despite other options, this is really the best cover of the week. Graumann is the lead guitarist for the bands Cryodeath and Void Machine (no, I don’t know the bands) and this is a genuine video, with scenes apparently filmed on location in Berlin.

There were at least two other “real videos” in the running this week, including another “‘Heroes’” cover, which was a lyrics video by Josh Shaw and Ian Johnston. The third major contender was a video I felt I didn’t understand well enough to post called, “I’m Afraid of Germaniacs” by someone called JayBe. The song is an altered version of “I’m Afraid of Americans” and seems to be a critique against Nazism. The video features images of World War II era Nazis and excerpts from their speeches playing in the background. At the end, seemingly more recent images appear, which I am guessing are contemporary German politicians. What I’m guessing is going on is that the singer is comparing some current politicians, who I don’t recognize, to Nazis. It does not at all appear to be pro-Nazi, but I can’t bring myself to post a video with Nazis unless I am 100% sure of its meaning.

So, Dennis Graumann’s “‘Heroes’” cover it is!

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