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Bowie cover of the week (and album 105): Capsula’s Dreaming of Ziggy Stardust

This week’s cover of the week is an entire album— Capsula, a band from Argentina with an international following, Dreaming of Ziggy Stardust is the band’s cover of the Ziggy album. Although I think the album was released, or at least recorded in 2012, it seems to have appeared on YouTube for the first time over the past week, so I’m counting this as “new.”

The songs’ arrangements and instrumental aspects are pretty similar to Bowie’s original versions. The most obvious distinctions are the voices— I think the lead singer for most of the songs is Martin Guevara but at least one, “Soul Love,” seems to be fronted by Coni Duchess.

The band’s name is a deliberate reference to the word, “capsule,” as used in “Space Oddity.” Its YouTube page describes the band this way: “the postpunk, heavy psych, and garage rock band with a unique sci-fi twist. Check out our electrifying live performances, music videos, and behind-the-scenes content. With influences from rock legends like Iggy Pop and David Bowie, and collaborations with producers like Tony Visconti and John Agnello, Capsula’s sound is both innovative and rooted in a rich musical history.”

The connection to Bowie is more than just one of admiration— frequent Bowie producer Tony Visconti discovered Capusla and produced their 2013 album, Solar Secrets, which I look forward to tracking down. They’ve also shared the stage with none other than Iggy Pop. I’m glad I found these guys!

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