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Bowie Cover of the Week: Adam Greenway performs “Without You I’m Nothing”

This was actually a good week for Bowie covers, and I especially liked a video by a guy named Taylor Van Zant of “Space Oddity.” What I liked about that is I felt a sense of common cause— he explained in the beginning of his video that he was trying to do a video per week after having tried unsuccessfully to do a video of the day. That, plus his cover was good and it was a full video. But…it’s “Space Oddity.” There’s just too many covers of “Space Oddity,” “Heroes” and “The Man Who Sold the World.”

By contrast, “Without You I’m Nothing” barely counts as a Bowie song at all. He didn’t write it and the main artist was the band, Placebo. But Bowie contributed vocals on the original song, and his participation was one of the selling points at the time. Though not an especially well known song, it was a minor hit for Placebo, thanks in part to Bowie. So, I’m going to say it counts. Plus, Adam Greenway identifies it as a Placebo/Bowie cover.

Adam Greenway is an English musician who has a little bit of an online presence. But he also has a common name, so Google doesn’t help all too much. That said, he has pages featuring his music on multiple platforms including YouTube. There is no visual aspect of this recording, which is too bad, but I like his rendition. I actually find the lyrics easier to understand than I do with the original. Other than that, it is a fairly faithful cover of a song that I haven’t seen covered before.

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