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Another new magazine cover featuring Bowie

According to its website, “Since 1974, Goldmine has been the world’s most renowned publication for music collectibles and music memorabilia, covering all genres, but anchored in rock and roll. Each issue features articles about and interviews with recording stars of the past and present, as well as reviews of new releases and music collecting news and tips. Goldmine is available by subscription and also sold at select Barnes & Noble and Books A Million stores.”

Though it is nearly as old as I am, I don’t think I knew the magazine existed. Be that as it may, Bowie made the cover this month in an article making the case that his 1973 cover album, Pin Ups, is maybe more significant than it often gets credit: “Pin-Ups was more than just a covers album for David Bowie. You’ll read how special these songs were to Bowie’s evolution as a rock star. It was like Bowie was trying to relive the youth of the ’60s at the height of his ’70s glam stardom.”

I do think Pin Ups often gets short-shrift because Bowie didn’t write any of the songs, but it sounds good and is one more album from his Glam period than would have existed had he never made it in the first place. I don’t think he would have been able to squeeze out another original album between Aladdin Sane, released in April 1973, and Diamond Dogs, released in May 1974. But he was able to make a great sounding cover album right in the middle.

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