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Another Bowie tribute product— this time, its shoes

Yet another example of Bowie as a cultural phenomena, or at least an advertising phenomena— Shoezels’ limited edition Bowie-tribute urban boots. These aren’t the first— Vans did a limited run of Bowie-inspired sneakers a few years back. Not sure what more there is to say, but if you want to buy a pair, click on this link.

OK— I’ll add this— Bowie’s name and likeness do not appear on the boots. The boots feature the Aladdin Sane lighting bolt and a toe the color of the suit Bowie wore in the “Life on Mars” video. Here’s the thing: those images are half a century old! I’m sure there was nostalgia for the early 1920s back when Bowie was actually wearing the light blue suit, but keep in mind, that’s the equivalent. But again, there’s nothing indicating to the uninitiated that the symbol and colors have anything to do with David Bowie. Which speaks to the idea that Bowie has not just ceased to be as a person or even a character but has transcended into a cultural phenomena.

I’m reminded of the image of Drew Barrymore as a professional wrestler named “Lady Insane” that briefly appears in the movie Charlies Angels: Full Throttle. She is dressed as Bowie, complete with the lighting bolt painted on her face and a shirt with the name, which is obviously a play on “Aladdin Sane,” which itself is a play on “A Lad Insane.” That’s all packed into an image that appears for seconds in the movie, but it’s an image that’s supposed to convey meaning— we’re supposed to understand.

Today is not the day I write out my theory of what this all means, but it means something.

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