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Alternate version of “Kooks” (1971)

You know I have an order in for the upcoming four-CD set of early 70s demos and alternate song versions called, “Divine Symmetry.” Ahead of the full set’s release comes this version of, “Kooks,” performed on a BBC show, “Sounds of the 70s Presented by Bob Harris” in 1971. Bowie would later include a more familiar version of the song on, “Hunky Dory.” Actually this version is pretty similar, with the most noticeable difference (to me) being how Bowie ends this version, just repeating, “Will you stay in my lover’s story.”

Bowie wrote the song upon becoming the father of Duncan Jones (as he’s known now). I have read that Jones would sometimes remind his father of the lyrics about throwing homework on the fire, from time to time. Bowie was fairly private about his relationship with his son, but Duncan Jones appears to speak of his father with affection. Bowie included a visual reference to his son’s movie, “Moon,” in his video for “Blackstar”— a smiley face patch on the dead astronaut’s spacesuit that appears in the video.

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