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Album 108: Lena Hall’s Obsessed: David Bowie

I came across Lena Hall and her Obsessed series while looking for a good cover of “Queen Bitch” for use in a future post. I found what I was looking for and more. I didn’t recognize Hall’s name, but she’s a singer, actress and actually a star of stage and screen. She seems to have left a mark on Broadway. She has also made a series of downloadable EPs covering various artists including Bowie. Her Bowie EP includes covers of “Rebel Rebel;” “Lazarus;” “Queen Bitch;” “As the World Falls Down” and “Five Years.” Additionally, she appears to be putting out videos of herself and backing band performing each song.

Link here to her website about the Obsessed series.

Hall’s song selection is interesting, really covering as wide a range of Bowie’s music as probably can be done in five songs. Her arrangements are recognizable, but her most distinctive contribution to the songs is her Broadway star’s voice. I might get around to posting each of her videos at some point, but for starters here is, “As the World Falls Down,” which in many ways is atypical Bowie— he didn’t do too many straight up love songs, but also is a reminder than some people primarily know Bowie from Labyrinth, which is where the song comes from. (Also, it isn’t one of Bowie’s more covered songs).

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