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A Note About the “Site Maintenance” Series

In case you don’t know, the origin of this blog dates back to 2016 when, after learning of David Bowie’s death, I wrote about a different Bowie song every day for a year on Facebook. At that time, I linked my brief writings to YouTube videos featuring the song of the day. In 2018, my friend, Bill Tuman, who among other things is a web designer, designed this blog for me. I imported my 2016 writing and began to add commentary on Bowie albums. Although Bowie was somehow connected to many, many albums, that number is finite and so for a while my additions to this blog were erratic. Earlier this year I committed to myself to add daily posts, which brings us to this point.

One of the problems with a blog that’s dependent on YouTube videos is that sometimes those videos go down for one reason or another. If you scan this blog you will find some broken links. What I’ve been doing, from time to time, as I find the broken links is replace them and then add another video with new commentary. That’s the “Site Maintenance” series.

Starting tomorrow, with the Tin Machine song, “Bus Stop,” I’m going to do it differently. Instead of replacing the old video and adding a second post, I’m going to add to my original post, replace the video and move the date to the present. I’m also going to drop the “Site Maintenance” label. If you were interested in my original writing, it will be there, but it will be out of its original sequence. That’s the change. If you’re reading this, I hope you enjoy the content.

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