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David Bowie cover of the week: Carbe and Durand’s instrumental version of “As the World Falls Down”

My “cover of the week” selection is an instrumental adaptation of “As the World Falls Down” that demonstrates the wide adaptability of Bowie’s music. The song originates from the movie Labyrinth, which is much beloved but actually divisive among many Bowie fans. Some fans of the movie primarily know of Bowie from the movie, while some fans of Bowie think of the movie and the softer, more accessible music he contributed to it as a far departure from what they liked about him in the first place.

What Carbe and Durand do with the song, which was already aimed at a general audience, is make it even more soothing, mellow, and relaxing. This is far removed from rock and roll. Personally, day-to-day in listening to Bowie, I’m more drawn to his harder-edged music. But I’m very impressed with what this band is doing here. Plus, in removing the lyrics, they boil the song down to a very pleasant, calming piece of music.

But what really pushed this over the top is the video itself. It’s beautifully shot. Care went into making this something worth watching and not just hearing, so check it out.

From what I can gather, Liza Carbé and Jean Pierre Durand are members of the band, Incendio, known for their Latin guitar world fusion sound that blends elements of flamenco, rock, and jazz. Now, I’m paraphrasing from material on their web site, and according to that their music is characterized by intricate guitar work and vibrant rhythms. Incendio has released multiple albums and performs live shows, captivating audiences with their energetic performances and eclectic musical influences.

For more on the band, visit their website HERE.

As usual, there were many other good Bowie covers posted this week. They include, but are not limited to, the following (click on the bolded song name to link to the YouTube video):

”Ziggy Stardust” by Mike Massé featuring Fernando Randelli. Pretty straightforward but well done. This is a concert video but the sound quality is excellent (which isn’t always the case with concert videos).

Space Oddity” by Scottish Mist. I featured his version of “The Loneliest Guy” a few weeks ago, and now the Italian singer is back with a cover of Bowie’s first hit. Especially nice guitar work. Link HERE for my post on his “Loneliest Guy.”

Sunday” by Patrick Lamar. This is as stripped down as it gets, but I really like the song and Patrick performs it with emotion. Nothing fancy, but well done.

Ziggy Stardust” by Khronnus. Another basic “guy with a guitar” video, but the guy is talented! Nice job.

”Hallo Spaceboy” reinterpreted by Marc Lowe. My friend Marc Lowe posted this fairly radical take on “Hallo Spaceboy” after I wrote the rest of this post but I wanted to slip it in. In a way it’s the opposite of the “As the World Falls Down” feature in that it takes a song that’s already filled with tension and discordance and turns it up. Nonethless, both songs have the same Bowie DNA.

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