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Exclusive interview: Bowie collaborator Tony Zanetta!

Tony Zanetta: The Man Who Helped Shape David Bowie’s Stardom

The first biography I ever read of David Bowie was called Stardust, published in 1985. I read it some time in the late 1980s. The authors were Henry Edwards and Tony Zanetta. This book left a lasting impression on me, and I literally keep it by my home office desk for reference as I write posts for this very blog. Little could I have expected when I first picked up that book that I’d be interviewing one of its authors, Tony Zanetta, 35+ years later.

Tony is a fascinating person to talk to about David Bowie not just because he co-authored that book — which, by the way, hardly comes up in the interview — but because he was there, man! He was there at the crucial period in Bowie’s emergence as a star. I’m not going to give too much away, but Tony met Bowie very early on and was part of Bowie’s team in the early and mid-70s. He was instrumental in launching Ziggy Stardust and Bowie’s groundbreaking, theatrical rock shows that both created and cemented some of Bowie’s most enduring iconography.

I don’t know if it comes through in the interview, but I was actually nervous conducting this one. I thought to myself that every question here is precious and every answer is a first-hand account of history. But once we started talking, Tony was so friendly, so easy to talk to that I immediately grew comfortable.

But make no mistake: Tony Zanetta is not simply a witness to history—he helped shape it.

This is an audio-only interview, so listen to it as you would a podcast. I’d like to thank Tony for giving me his time and Rachel Demarest Gold for making the connection, and special thanks to Marc Lowe, who converted the original recording of the interview into the format you are about to experience and for creating the title screen. (Stay tuned for Marc’s own interview in a few weeks). Enjoy!

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