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Exclusive Content: Andy Griffin on his cover of “Heroes”

Visitors to this blog know that every Monday I select a “cover of the week” from videos posted in YouTube over the previous seven days. I somehow missed Andy Griffin’s excellent cover of “Heroes” when it originally posted a couple of weeks ago, but that’s no reason to deny you the excellent video. And by video, I mean video. There are many good covers of “Heroes” out there, but few that specifically reimagine the Bowie video directed by Stanley Dorfman* (click HERE to link to that for comparison).

Griffin does something subtle both with his delivery of the song and his use of light in the video. Bowie’s original is actually a sad song. Bowie sings of doomed lovers. They can pretend that the world isn’t collapsing around them, despite the guns shooting overhead and the certainty of their near term separation. Dorfman’s almost religious imagery suggests Christ on the cross. Bowie’s delivery is tortured. He screams parts of the song like he’s in agony.

In the ensuring years since the song’s original release, however, it has been taken more as inspiration, as a song of hope. That’s how Griffin presents it. And look at what he does with the light— rather than suggestive of crucification, Griffin’s shining a light. The light is coming through in a bright and hopeful way.

I asked Andy Griffin about his version and this is what he had to say:

“Part 1 of my Covers Trilogy is a version of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” I chose “Heroes” as I’ve been a Bowie fan for over 30 years and thought it would be a great way to recognize one of my major influences. I’ve tried to make the arrangement fit with my other original songs whilst giving a nod to the major motifs and hooks of the song. Being one of the most iconic of Bowie’s catalogue it’s a tricky song to cover, I just hope I’ve done it justice.

The video was shot in my photography studio in Thaxted, Essex and filmed and edited by myself and great filmmaking friend Peter Clapperton. We took the basic premise from the original “Heroes” video, the backlighting and smoke-filled room, then added a projector behind to create movement and the rest just unfolded as we were shooting.
The single is available for streaming and download on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and all digital platforms from 10th May 2024.

The Covers Trilogy is a bridge between the Unsocial Media album (released November 2022) and the new album currently being recorded titled Artificial Inseminated Steeples, with songs from this forthcoming title due for release in the summer of 2024. Part 2 of the Covers Trilogy is Kings of Leon’s “Sex On Fire,” with the final installment being System Of A Down’s “Chop Suey.”


Andy Griffin is a singer-songwriter known for creating indie pop music with heartfelt lyrics and soaring anthemic choruses. With a unique blend of introspective storytelling and catchy melodies, Andy’s music resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level. Inspired by personal experiences and the world around him, Andy’s songs capture the essence of human emotions and the complexities of relationships. His latest album, Unsocial Media, focuses on the dark side of social media and in particular, its effect on our teenagers and young adults. It showcases his talent for crafting relatable and thought-provoking songs that leave a lasting impact.

Andy comments, “I started writing Unsocial Media during lockdown in 2020. It comments on the dark side of social media and its impact on our society, and in particular our teenagers and young adults. It is a subject that is very close to my heart.” The title track “Unsocial Media” was written after reading the tragic story of a 14 year-old school girl who took her own life as a direct result of social media.

You can experience more of Andy’s music on the following platforms (click to link):


When not creating music Andy can be found photographing portraits, events and weddings or filming videos for other bands and corporate clients, you you can find out more about at: and

Thanks, Andy for providing that exclusive feedback and thanks even more for the great music!

* I’ll be talking about Bowie’s videos and his work with Stanley Dorfman with Lisa Perrott, author of the book David Bowie and the Art of Music Video in an upcoming interview, so keep an eye out for that!

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