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Michelle and I before the big show
Excellent opening band
The tour is literally sponsored by the AARP
Mick and Keith
Some kind of poll. “Emotional Rescue” won. Mick still can sing falsetto
Sympathy for the Devil
The cell phones were out for “Wild Horses”
Closing image. Hopefully, not for the last time!
Rolling Stones official post-concert communication
The Playlist (as illustrated by Ronnie Wood)
Rolling Stones official promotional art specific to this concert. The lips and tongue as a Boston Cream pie.

Satisfaction: The Rolling Stones at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts

What is it we just saw? That was the first thing me wife asked as we departed The Rolling Stones concert at Gillette Stadium last night (May 30, 2004). I immediately understood what she was asking. We just saw two…

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Thoughts on “China Girl”

I originally wrote this as part of the lead-up to my interview with Lisa Perrott (click to link), who wrote David Bowie and the Art of Music Video. I had originally indicated that I was going to take down the…

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Not David Bowie songs

I’ve been working on my next installment of the “Bowie and Politics” series and was thinking that the political resonance of some of Bowie’s less-obvious songs might show up better in relief, against their opposites. So, that’s what this is.…

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