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“African Night Flight” (1979)

My original 2016 post about this song (click to link) uses an excellent video of the band Shearwater performing it from a series of videos of the band covering the entire Lodger album. So this is the first appearance of…

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Update: Song 297 | Holy Holy

Update: 9/17/2023 “Holy Holy” sounds almost like a fragment of a song. Bowie juxtaposes religious words, thus “holy,” with intimate terms like, “hold on to anyone.” Like he couldn’t make up his mind between “holy” and “hold me.” Adding to…

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Lyrics: first in a new series

I’ve been meaning to post about some of Bowie’s lyrics that have been meaningful to me. I’ve been thinking about it as a top 10 list, but reflecting again on Adam Steiner’s analysis of “Up the Hill Backwards” (see yesterday’s…

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