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“Starman” Lightyear trailer

Two days ago I posted about how people are using “Starman” as the soundtrack of their own Superman videos. While looking into that, I was reminded how often the song is used in movies or trailers. Here’s an example, the…

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Starman Superman?

This might be the start of a series of clips of the song, “Starman” used in movies or movie trailer… I came across an article on a website called Comic Book Movies (click to link to the article) in which…

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Bowie Secrets

This is Ann extremely silly clip from Conan O’Brien’s show. The premise is that celebrities reveal “secrets” that turn out to be ridiculous. I’ve also seen Harrison Ford do one of these. The skit should have been funnier than I…

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Maya Beiser’s “Blackstar” for Cello

Classical cellist Maya Beiser converted the entire Blackstar album into a classical-style symphony featuring, of course, the cello. I’m still in the process of listening to the entire album but wanted to single out “Blackstar.” I’ll revisit the entire album…

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