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Moonage Daydream movie review

I finally got to see the acclaimed Bowie biographical documentary, Moonage Daydream. I purchased a DVD and watched it at home, which almost certainly detracted from the experience. The movie was less a traditional documentary than an immersive experience of…

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Fooled you! These aren’t galaxies— they are sea creatures. All the more amazing that nature creates similar images on vastly different scales…

Bowie songs of the year #9: Space Oddity (1969)

“And the stars look very different today…” Of all Bowie’s space-themed songs, none is a better representative of the release of the first set of images taken by the James Webb space telescope than “Space Oddity.” In fact, if 2022…

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Jimi played guitar, 1961
Paul and John playing together in 1957
MICKEY MOUSE CLUB, 1989-94, Britney Spears, 1993
Godzilla and friend on the set.
Marilyn Monroe visits a funhouse
Marilyn Monroe visits a funhouse

The Historical Bowie

The above is a picture you might have seen before. It’s a 16-year old Bowie, in 1963, fronting for a youthful band called the Kon-Rads. Though familiar to Bowie fans, the photo was included in an article titled, “Library Of…

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