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1980 Floor Show

The answer to the question of whether I have watched all eight hours of this video, including rehearsals and then ultimately the actual 1980 Floor show is no, I have not. An edited version of the show was broadcast on…

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U2 Bowie Tribute

I don’t know the story of this video, but it appears to have been put together by someone associated with U2. I’m guessing, but don’t know, that the Bowie montage was playing on a screen at the concert. Even if…

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Bowie the pitchman

A few days ago, I posted a contemporary ad featuring Bowie’s song, “Fame.” Since then I came across this collection of ads featuring Bowie himself, in life. A few things stand out— is that actually Bowie in the late 60s…

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RIP Queen Elizabeth

Although Bowie turned down the opportunity to be knighted on two different occasions, I strongly suspect that he would have been among the large group of British rockers paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth after her passing. According to a 2016…

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Bowie on the Blockchain?

What’s a Non-fungible token (NFT)? What’s the blockchain? To paraphrase Alec Baldwin’s character from, “The Departed,”, you don’t know, I don’t know…but some Bowie-related NFTs later this month. From Rolling Stone’s reporting on the development: “THE DAVID BOWIE estate is…

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