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Bowie sings Rocket Man?

Sadly, no, this isn’t actually David Bowie singing Elton John’s “Rocket Man.” It is comedian Stevie Riks (who might have also been the voice behind the recording of “Bowie” singing “My Way” that appears elsewhere in this blog). The parody…

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I Never Dreamed (1963)

I came across an article that had a link to this very short clip of what is apparently the first recording of David Bowie, then known as David Jones, singing with his band, the Konrads. Bowie was 16 at the…

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Site Maintenance: Golden Years

“Site Maintenance” is my series of videos found while fixing links to earlier videos of the same song. “Golden Years” has come up a few times recently— I posted the strange James Murphy cover a few days ago, and several…

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Which will be the 100th album?

You might have noticed that, “The Best of Bowie” was the 98th Bowie related album to appear in this blog. Included in the 98 are studio albums, live albums, soundtracks and compilations by Bowie, as well as albums on which…

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Album 98 | Best of Bowie (2002)

I finally got around to listening to this greatest hits compilation, and…its a greatest hits compilation (with a somewhat interesting history). There’s much to like, but the reason I never purchased it or listened to the whole thing is that…

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