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Jobraith’s “Earthling” (1973)

7/29/22 In one of the interviews included in, “Bowie on Bowie,” Bowie reflected that the entire Glam Rock movement— which he said was not a movement— consisted of himself, T-Rex and Roxy Music.  He acknowledged imitators, who he did not…

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Daily Bowie, July 2022

See separate entries for 7/29-31   7/28/22 Something of an inside joke among people who read reviews of Bowie albums, at least during his life after The mid-80s, is that whatever happened to be his latest album was, “the best…

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Byrne sings Bowie, Pt. 2

“Heroes” is one of Bowie’s most covered songs.  Not unlike Springsteen’s, “Born in the USA,” the song is sometimes rolled out to express something that isn’t actually in the song. The song isn’t really about heroes.  It isn’t even really…

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Byrne sings Bowie, Pt. 1

I thought I’d post a video of David Byrne, along with Kimbra (who I don’t know) singing “Fame,” at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, the year Bowie died, not the year Byrne inducted Bowie into the Hall. …

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