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Day 366 | I Pray, Ole

I just noticed I posted the same song twice—“Crack City” appeared on days 73 and 377.  This tribute has featured a few of the same songs in different forms, but that time I posted the exact same song twice, and…

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Day 362 | Time

Space was Bowie's friend, while time was his enemy.  Bowie's characters come from space ("Starman," "Memory of A Free Fesitival," "Born in a UFO,") fade away in space ("Space Odditiy," "Dancing Out In Space,") achieve a stasis in space ("Ashes to…

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Day 358 | Seven

How could I not save a song with the line, "I got seven days to live my life,"until this day, a week before the anniversary of Bowie's death.  Beyond that coincidental lyric, I've been having trouble putting into words what…

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Day 357 | Dollar Days

As if there were not enough hints in the Blackstar album about Bowie's impending death, he includes the related, explicit line in this song, "I'm dying too."  This is not the song from the album that's received the most attention,…

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