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Day 333 | Across the Universe

Yesterday, on the anniversary of John Lennon's assassination I posted Bowie's recording of the Lennon song, "Mother," which he did for an unreleased tribute album. This is another John Lennon (actually a Beatles) song, which Bowie included on the Young…

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Day 332 | Mother

John Lennon was assassinated on this day in 1980. Bowie was obviously a fan- he has performed or recorded several Lennon songs and collaborated with him on "Fame" (although I think Lennon's contribution has been exaggerated). Bowie recorded this Lennon…

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Day 328 | Red Money

With this song, Bowie took the music of “Sister Midnight,” which he co-wrote with Iggy Pop and was recorded by Iggy for his album, The Idiot, and wrote a completely new set of lyrics.  Presumably this is the better known…

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Day 325 | We Prick You

Update 11/13/23: I recently updated the video link to this song because the original link broke. I’d say that it is still weirdly relevant to national politics today, which is sad. Also, I’m reminded how little I wrote during my…

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