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Day 344 | Dirty Boys

I've been listening to the cast recording of the Lazarus soundtrack. The song, "Lazarus," was one of Bowie's last songs, appeared on Blackstar and was accompanied by a chilling video which I posted early in this tribute. The play, which I…

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Day 340 | Night Flights

There are two types of Bowie covers- those, like "Across the Universe" and "God Only Knows" which are better known, and actually just better, in their original forms by the original artists, and those like this one that Bowie really…

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Day 338 | Cool Cat

Everyone knows the Bowie/Queen collaboration, "Under Pressure." It wasn't their only team-up. "Cool Cat" was eventually released as a Queen song without Bowie after Bowie asked for his contribution to be removed for reasons unknown to me. But this version…

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Day 337 | Crack City

My biggest problem with the first Tin Machine album is its lack of subtly. Much of Bowie's best music leaves so much open to interpretation that I can't really be sure what it's about. That's part of the fun. This…

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Day 336 | Fun

Count this as another song I discovered as a result of this year-long tribute. This time it is a song with multiple personalities and a diverse lineage. You can hear "Little Wonder," "Fame," and Iggy Pop's "Fun House" and "Funtime."…

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