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Day 309 | Imagine

I was saving this song for the anniversary of John Lennon’s death (December 8th), however it seems even more fitting to close out the week in which this Bowie tribute has doubled as a lamentation about the election.  “Imagine” is…

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Day 308 | Safe

This was the song I intended to post on Wednesday because, you know, we dodged a bullet by NOT electing Trump- we were safe. The song actually is only fitting even in that alternate universe in its title. A version…

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Day 305 | Debaser

Keeping up the theme of the week, Tin Machine performed this Pixies song live but never recorded it.  Bowie covered another Pixies song, “Cactus,” on Heathen—a great rendition.  As for this song, more or less the only lyric you can…

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Day 302 | Perfect Day

Bowie co-produced the original version of this Lou Reed song for his album, Transformer, and he contributed as one of several celebrity singers in a 1997 exercise for the BBC, which is this video. But the real reason I’m featuring…

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