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Day 287 | Beyond Now

Speaking of new Bowie music...this isn't quite that, but it almost is. The musicians that backed Blackstar came back together to create a quasi-Bowie tribute including covers of "A Small Plot of Land" and "Warsawa," as well as music that…

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Day 286 | Tin Machine

In the grand scheme of things, this is a good but not great, somewhat typical Bowie song.  But it has outsized resonance: a band and two albums were named after this song.  I was not familiar with the term “tin…

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Day 284 | No Plan

This is the second of the three newly released songs from the Blackstar sessions that I’m positing upon hearing for the first time.  As I’ve been doing this tribute project I have discovered Bowie songs I hadn’t heard before, but…

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Day 282 | Tumble And Twirl

This is another Bowie/Pop co-written song that many fans resent.  A quick rule of thumb is Bowie/Pop collaborations performed by Iggy Pop are generally revered while those performed by Bowie are detested.  I like this song and don’t understand why…

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