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Day 258 | Outside

I was surprised to read in some of the retrospectives I have read since Bowie’s death that the album Outside (or, more accurately, 1. Outside) was widely considered a disappointment.  Not for me. It is one of my very favorite…

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Day 254 | 1984/ Dodo

This is an early draft of what would become "1984" on the Diamond Dogs album.  Performed first here on a TV special called the 1980 Floor Show, Bowie transitions from the familiar "1984" to the a thematically related but altogether…

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Day 252 | Right On Mother

This song was created as part of Bowie's Arnold Corns project, a briefly existing pre-Ziggy band.  The core band members were the same as the Spiders from Mars and their one actual single included early versions of two songs that…

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